The skirl of the bagpipes rings all over the world.

The aim of this project is to unite and to present the “Pipers of the World” with their different style of music. The country which is most connected with this inimitable instrument is Scotland. This is where we start our journey with “vol. 1” with the “Pipers of the World”.


If you ever experienced the rough and untouched nature of the highlands you cannot abscond from its magic. On the one hand a legendary country full of history, mysterious and dark, on the other hand a land of inherent natural beauty affected by the hospitality of its people. Immerse yourself into Scottish history with the melodies played by the “Pipers of the World”.


Feel the Scottish soul and let the melodies wing you away into the highlands with its moors, rivers and lochs, its lonesome glens and the ruins of the castles which tell us endless stories. And some of these stories are told by the “Pipers of the World”.

Pipers Of The World at Deutschland Tattoo/Veltins Arena




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